If you are interested in joining the Rotary Club of Sunrise Fl, the first step is to attend 1-3 Club Lunch’s as a guest to become acquainted with Club members and with the Club’s activities.

Once ready to commit to active membership, secure a club member as your “proposer.” This member submits an endorsement on your behalf and gives you an electronic application to complete.

Both the application and endorsement are submitted to the board of directors. Once approved, you will be invited to an orientation event and will make a volunteer and financial commitment to the Club. 

You are then introduced to membership at a weekly breakfasts as our newest Rotarian!

New Member Activities

In a growing Club as ours, it is important that new members participate in activities to get engaged and help them to meet members of the Club. 

These activities include:

  • Greet members at the button board at least 2 meeting times
  • Attend one Club Board meeting as an observer
  • Serve as assistant Sergeant-at-Arms at guest or member check in tables for 2 meetings
  • Attend another Rotary club meeting in our area
  • Attend a club community service project
  • Choose a committee upon which to serve
  • Attend Rotary education program hosted by club mentorship committee

If you’d like to join, contact our club sign up today and submit a form

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